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From the Desk of: Brian Hendrick
Author and Coach

Dear Friend,

Trying to Get Your Ex Back can be VERY Frustrating... That's a Fact.

Let me ask you something....

  • Have you ever missed him so bad that you called his cell phone a dozen times, leaving all sorts of desperate messages?
  • Do you race to the phone everytime it rings in hopes that he will call?

  • Have you driven by his house at odd hours just because you miss the closeness you had together?

  • Have you ever tried talking to his friends or family in search of clues to how you can make him come back to you?

Well, you are not alone, and it's definitely not your fault. These are VERY common occurances for women who have lost the man they love. It's a natural response, and nothing to be ashamed of. You have done the best you could given the situation. You see, men tend to leave over the smallest of things, and most times they don't leave as much as a clue to why they did. This makes the whole situation both confusing and frustrating to say the least. One day you are holding hands at the mall, and the next minute he won't even return your calls.

Like I said before, These are VERY common occurances, and seem completely unfair and unneccesary. Your heart feels shattered, and you can't decide if you want to be mad at him, or mad at yourself for letting him go. The truth is, all you can think about is getting him back. While it seems like all hope is lost, there may still be a small window of opportunity.

Regardless of what others tell you, I am POSITIVE that you CAN bring back your man, and make him love you more than ever!

Sound good? I thought so!

"The Steps in This Report Work Like a Charm!"

Megan Wright

"I seriously thought there was no hope left for me and my ex boyfriend. Thanks to this report, I was able to figure out exactly how to win him back, and bring him back to me with little effort at all. All I can say is that the steps listed in "Make your Ex Come Back" Work like a charm!"

-Megan Wright Nashville, TN.


Imagine what it would be like if you could simply take just a few small baby steps and have the man you love come back home to you on his own.

Also imagine that when he comes home, he will be more attentive, romantic, and more spontanious than EVER before!

Seems like some sort of wild fantasy right? Well, it doesn't have to be. In a few short minutes you will have the keys to unlock the gate that's sitting in the way of you and your ex.


I am going to show you the exact steps needed to completely repair your relationship, and bring your man crawling back to you, even if you feel like there is no hope! Guaranteed!



"The information in this Book is Life Changing!..."

There are several different books related to getting your ex back, but the majority of them have left out the most important details; how to get him back? Afterall, that's why you are, here am I right?

The one book that delivers consistent results day in and day out is the book you are about to possess... My unique "win ex back" approach works, Period.

"Make your Ex Come Back!"


You Need this Book if:

(check all that apply)

You are separated from your significant other and long for them to come back to you

You are in extreme heartache from a recent breakup

You want to save your marriage, and will do whatever it takes to accomplish it

Your worried that your man could possibly leave you in the future, and want to know how to prevent that from ever happening

Your man cheated on you, and you want to repair what was broken

Your man has quit giving you the same amount of attention and affection that he once gave you

You want to know the exact steps on how to get him back! Finally bring back your lost love!


If you checked atleast 'ONE' of those boxes, then this book is for you!

Let's face it, we all know that the rate of divorce is on a steep incline with some studies saying close to 58% of marriages ultimately end in divorce. What they forget to mention however is that there are specific precautions and steps you can take to completely avoid and / or reverse the entire process.


Here is Just a Small Sample of the Powerful
Ideas, Strategies, and Tactics Found
Within this Amazing Book - Guaranteed to Get Your Ex to Come Back:

get ex back Why Most Relationships Fail - Learn first hand why your relationship got in trouble in the first place, and how you can make sure you never get caught in that position ever again!

get your ex back The Truth to Why Men Leave their Significant Others - A behind the scenes look into the way men truly think, and what makes them want to leave in the first place. This information is invaluable to say the least!

get ex back "The 2 Things you MUST AVOID" doing after a breakup - All the do's and don'ts explained in a way that will relate to you. If you screw up JUST ONE of these, then your chances of getting your boyfriend back are practically ZERO.

how to get your ex back How to Put a Stop to your Heartache Right Away - Want a quick fix for your broken heart? I show you exactly how to handle yourself in the short term, and help you to re-gain composure in a much needed time. You will have the power to completely reverse your feelings after I teach you these methods.

how to get your ex back What Actions are Necessary on Your Part - I show you the exact steps you need to follow, and show you exactly how to get your ex back. It's a paint-by-numbers system that will help you to get boyfriend back. If you follow my steps, you will see some MAJOR differences in your relationship with your ex!

win ex back Why Changing your Mindset is Crucial, and How to Do it - You must adapt to a new way of thinking, and turn the tables on your ex. It's time you put the ball in your court! I'll show you how.  

. The #1 mistake most women make when making first contact - Once again, if you screw this one up, you may lose your final shot at getting him back. This is crucial information for any woman wanting to know how to get your ex back.

win ex back Why you are Focusing on all the Wrong Things, and how to Fix it - I'm going to show you what your main focuses need to be on right away, and how to progress towards your goal of getting him back.

how to get your boyfriend back How to Act when Face to Face - Most women mess this up, because their emotions get the better of them. Let me teach you how to act in person, to greatly improve your chances with him. This may be the most important thing you ever do.

. How to Make your Relationship Long Lasting and Harmonious - Learn how to make your man crave you more than ever, and finally experience true relationship bliss! You won't have to worry about him leaving you ever again, save your relationship, save marriage, prevent infidelity...

how to get your boyfriend back And Much More!


Here's what some of my past Clients have to say:

"I Learned Exactly What I Was Doing Wrong..."

Charmaine Johnston

"After my boyfriend left me for another woman I was devistated. I didn't know what I was going to do. After reading this book about how to get your boyfriend back, I learned what I was doing wrong and how to keep him from ever leaving again"

Charmaine Johnston Baton Rouge, LA.


"I Never Thought it Was Possible!"

Janelle K.

"WOW! This book is amazing. I never would have thought it was possible for me to get my boyfriend back after 2 months. Now he always stays home, and gives me more attention than I can handle! We are also engaged to marry! If anyone was skeptical, it was me. You made me a believer Brian! Thank you so much for your amazing relationship advice!"

Janelle K. Trenton, NJ


"He Came Back to Me Like Magic ..."

Heather Giles

"When he left, I felt used and abandoned. I couldn't figure out what I did wrong. I tried everything to get him back. After reading this wonderful book, my whole outlook on the situation changed, and he came back to me! It was almost like Magic. "

Heather Giles Bradford, PA .



This is your Chance to Take Action!
Don't Let your Man Run Wild!


So here's the deal...

I know how painful it is to be shut out by the one you love. I also know how difficult it may seem to bring them back. However, I also know how powerful the methods in the book are, and how well they work!

Some relationship specialists charge in excess of $150 / hr. for simple consultations for women in your situation. Heck, it might actually be worth it, if it would help bring him back....

I have spent much of my adult years studying relationships, and the psychology behind them. I have narrowed it down to some very simple, yet extremely powerful methods that can bring any ex lover back. That's why I am offering you this detailed report.

At first, I had planned to compile this information and sell it as a specialty book for around $147, and I know that would be more than fair considering how powerful this information is. But I really wanted this information to be accessible to all women who desperately want the love of their life back.

That's the reason I decided to condense this information to ebook size, with all the most powerful information included, for a small introductory price of just $49.95 (and it's worth every red cent).

But, since I haven't had to spend several thousand dollars on a publisher, or advertising efforts yet, plus the fact that I can make it available online as a digital download, I wanted to get this information out to the first 200 lucky women in digital format for a price that anyone can afford. I will offer it to you today for just $49.95. That's a drastic cut in price from what I had planned to charge!

Yes, There's a Catch...

Since this report is still fairly new to the market, I am collecting case studies. I want to help as many women as possible get their ex boyfriend back, and I need feedback. Not only will this help me, it will also help me to make "Make Your Ex Come Back" an even more powerful report!

To be honest, there is no other reason for me to offer such a deep discount. Quite frankly, I need your case studies and success stories.


So, I am also Offering You the Following
Ethical Bribes Yours FREE to Keep No Matter What...

Exclusive Bonus #1

get ex back



"Relationships the Right Way"

A Complete Guide that Shows you how to Obtain and Keep an Everlasting Long Term Relationship, prevent breakups, and / or save your marriage! Learn the ABC's of Dating, Healthy Relationship Advice, healthy marriages, and Much More!

$47 Value!



Exclusive Bonus #2

get ex back


"One Month Diet Plan"

The Complete Diet Guide Made Just for Women!

This Detailed Guide Shows you Exactly What You Need to Do to Lose Unwanted Body Fat, Gain More Energy, and Boost Your Confidence Through the Roof! Learn to Change Your Eating Habits, and Lose 2+ Pounds Per Week!

$33 Value!


But, That's Not All!

I am also removing any and all doubts you may
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100% No Questions Asked
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get ex back

It's Plain and Simple! If you don't get your ex back in
60 Days
, or if you are not 100% Happy, I will issue you a
Complete Refund with No Questions asked, and No Hard Feelings!
I won't make you take any surveys, or jump through any hoops! If you feel the product wasn't for you,
I will buy it back from you ON THE SPOT!

I am Confident You will win your ex back!

* I personally guarantee your suceess with getting him back! - Brian Hendrick


ACT NOW! Before you Lose your Chance at your Lost Love!

Others charge $150+ per hour for this same exact information! I compiled everything you need to know to start the process of getting your ex back in this easy to read book! Thanks to the power, and reach of the internet, I am able to offer this invaluable relationship advice to you at such an extremely low price!

I also realize that by doing so, I can help far more women regain their relationships, and that's what I intend to do, help you get your ex back!

(Please Note: This special offer is strictly time sensitive)

Only $495 $297!  Today Only $49.95!

...but you MUST order before this offer expires. After I sell 200 copies, I will put the price back up. Do yourself a favor and take full advantage of this offer while you still can. There is No Guarantee this offer will be here tomorrow.

(Please do not email me if the price goes up - I can only limit the discounted price to the first 200 copies. Once they are gone, they're gone..)

Remember, I offer a 60 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee - I Take All The Risk!


You Really Can’t Afford to NOT get
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Best Wishes,
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