How to Get Him Back – Try These Time Tested Techniques

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After fights that don’t seem to end, after all the hurting words you had exchanged and all the pain that you had brought to each other, you and your boyfriend had finally decided to call it quits. You may not be ready for this, but the stark reality is staring you at your face. He has walked out of your door, and left you the key. That seems pretty final, you may think, yet, a part of you wants to believe he is not really gone for good.

So should you just give up or find ways on how to get him back in your life? If you do decide that all is not lost and you stand a good chance of reviving the relationship, then here’s a simple guide for you.

1. Analyze your feelings and try to make sure that you really want him in your life. If he had been abusive towards you, ask yourself if your efforts on how to get him back will be worth it in the end. Find out if he can reciprocate your feelings.

2. Do not let anger stay too long in your heart. Doing so will only make you feel pity towards yourself. Self-pity never amounts to anything because it turns you into someone desperate for love and affection. So let go of that anger and realize that whenever a couple breaks up, it is never just one person’s fault.  It may not be entirely his fault, so stop the anger and the bitterness and learn to keep a positive outlook from now on.

3. Plan a course of action and just do it. Know what you want and devise a plan to reach your goal. Do not rush things.  Instead, and evaluate whether your actions are enabling you to reach your goal or not.  If your heart is open to the possibility of getting him back, then you will find opportunities to make this happen.

There is nothing stronger than one’s willpower to make something happen.  If you are determined to win back his love, then it is not at all impossible. But first, you need to get over the biggest hurdle of all – his emotions towards you.  Analyze how does  your ex really feel about you?  Was he as committed to the relationship as you were before the breakup?  Or has it always been obvious to others (but not to you) that you are but just “one of them” in his life?  If it is more like he has just been using you and never really felt strongly about you, then it really is not worth your time to work on ways on how to get him back in your life.

Relationships are fragile. You may be able to work out your differences this time, but the only key to strengthening your relationship is good communication. To make your relationship breakup-proof, establish effective communication with your partner. Make him feel that you value his emotions, his thoughts and his dreams.

How to Win Him Back – A Simple Guide to Win Back Your EX

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Today you finally decided that you will find ways on how to win him back. You may have given up on him and the relationship before, but lonely days and even lonelier nights made you change your mind. You know that in your heart and mind, there is just one man meant to be your “soul mate”.

On other days, you find yourself wondering if you had just gone crazy or what? Your friends will be the first to tell you to move on, forget him and start dating. But you keep telling yourself, they don’t understand. “They had not been through the pain I am in now,” you keep telling yourself.  “They had not shared meaningful times with this guy and they don’t really know him as much as I do.”

So okay, today you decided, in spite of what others are saying, that you will devise a plan on how to win him back. If that’s exactly what’s going on in your mind, then read on and consider the following tips on how to win him back:

1.    Look back and try to understand what caused the breakup in the first place. Was it an argument about something so trivial, that you don’t really remember what it all about? What could you have done better? What could he have done differently to avoid that one critical moment when tempers flared and you both said things you didn’t really mean, but can’t take back anymore?

2.    Be honest with yourself and ask if getting him back is really what you want to happen. What are the things that draw you to him and are these the same reasons that will keep your love alive for years to come? Did he at one point feel the same towards you, yet he had suddenly changed? Or has he always been cold and distant?

3.    Let him know that you are prepared to give the relationship another try.  Sometimes, all it takes is a heart to heart talk where you both would realize that getting back together is what you both want.
4.    Do not pressure him nor make him feel guilty about causing you pain.  Do not make him feel that your happiness depends completely on him.  Just give him hints that you do value the relationship and you’re prepared to work on making it a better one.
5.    Have an open mind about what’s happening. Accept that even if you’ve done your best, there’s a possibility that he had made up his mind to give up on you.  In that case, learn to accept defeat and move on.

Relationships take a lot of work and only two committed persons can make it happen.  If you had once been trapped in an unfulfilling relationship, and do not see any hope for it now, then open your heart to other options.  Start meeting new people and move on.

How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back – What to do When He Asks for Space

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You keep reading online advices on how to get your boyfriend back, yet you’re not really confident that it will be that easy. Your boyfriend has asked for space, and you don’t really understand what it means.  Does it mean he doesn’t want to share his “space” with you for the rest of his life?

What exactly does a man mean when he tells his partner “he needs space”? A man who feels suffocated by a relationship that is becoming too serious for him may ask for space. Someone who is not sure where you fit into his life may tell you he needs that space. A boyfriend who feels like you’re being too much like his mother may tell you to back off because he needs that space.

There are instances however that a man would ask for space because he wants to spend more time on knowing himself better. He probably needs to do some soul searching so that he’ll come out of the experience a wiser person, someone who knows what he really wants in life. He may also need the time to determine if you are the person he would want to share his life with for good.

Whatever his reason may be, respect his request, even though how painful and confusing it may be for you. Look at it this way – giving him space may be the best thing you can do for him and your relationship. A time off from each other may just be what you both need to look at your relationship more objectively and see if it is destined to last or doomed from the start.

Giving him space means ignoring your constant desire to call him or send him text and email messages. It also means not showing up at his place at odd hours of the night like you used to.  It is only normal to think of ways on how to get your ex boyfriend back when you’re missing him a lot and feeling miserable without him. But the worst thing you can do is to make yourself too available for him, even when he already told you to stay away.

If you appear desperate, he may not even want to keep his friendship with you and totally ban you from his life. Either that or he may just take advantage of your being there and not really feel any commitment towards you. He may just use you while you’re there and throw you away again like a used rag when he feels you’re getting into his space again.

You don’t really want any of those from happening. You need to know how to get your ex boyfriend back in a way that you would still retain some self-respect in the process.

So go ahead and accept the breakup. Let him have his space, in other words, stay away and let him miss you.  In the meantime, plan your strategy on how to get your boyfriend back, that is, if you think you stand a good chance of reviving the relationship after the breakup.

Let your common friends know that you’re ok and that you are moving on with your life. Once he hears about you from your friends, he will wonder if he was really that easy to forget or if he was mistaken into thinking that you will be miserable without him.

It may just be a facade but it may be the best way on how to get your ex boyfriend back. Keep acting like everything’s ok and before you know it, things will turn out ok in the end. Remember, when you project a happy image, you are in turn inviting happiness back into your life.

How to Get Your Ex Back? Make Him Regret Breaking Up With You

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It’s never easy to be “dumped” by someone you love, especially if the relationship has been going on for a long time. Sure, you find yourself wondering when will the pain end and wishing everyday for your ex to realize that the relationship’s worth another try. And I’m sure every single day, you keep searching for the answer on how to get your ex back.

But before you go any further, ask yourself first if your ex does deserve to have you back in his life. Or look at it the other way around – do you deserve to have your ex back in your life?

If you just got off a relationship that has always been deceitful or abusive, then you’re better off starting a new life without your ex.  Why would you rather stay in a relationship that hinders your growth as a person? Or if your ex was violent towards you, why would you choose to continue to risk your life?

On the other hand, if all you can think of is how to get your ex back and you know that he is the right one for you, then maybe it’s worth the try.  If the relationship has been a nurturing, loving one and you know that the reasons why you broke up can be worked on,  then do your best to get your ex back into your life.

First of all, you wouldn’t really want your ex to see you looking desperate. That’s the last thing he would want to see, for sure. If you really want to know the secret of how to get your ex back – it’s simple. Make him want to come back to you.

If he asked for the breakup, make him regret breaking up with you.  Let him see that you are moving on (or at least give the appearance that you’re moving on) with your life. This means going out with friends and maybe making new friends. Your ex will get curious if he happens to bump into you and you’re looking great and having fun with your friends. He’ll start wondering if you even miss him at all! He might even think that you’re glowing because you’ve found a new love! That will make him curious and wonder if he did make the right decision of dumping you.

Take care of yourself and try to enjoy every single day that passes, If your relationship is meant to be, your ex will realize that losing you was a big mistake and he will find ways to crawl back to you.

Get Your Ex Back in 3 Easy Steps

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A breakup is never an easy experience for anyone. Your emotions are in complete disarray – you may be hating your ex one minute and missing him the next. You find yourself going through the last fight over and over in your mind and you wonder if you could have handled the situation better.

The fact is damage has been done. Some of your friends will tell you you’re better off without him, and some would probably say he’s worth another try. But the truth is only you can decide if you do want to get your ex back in your life or if you are ready to move on.

If you choose to get your ex back, here are some tips on how you can make it an easier and faster process:

1.    Skip the drama and act as if everything’s cool. If you ever bump into him accidentally, just say hello and don’t suddenly cry in front of him, asking for another chance. If you play it cool, you don’t come out too desperate, which may actually turn him off.  Instead, give out signs that you’re handling the breakup pretty well.  That may start him wondering if he is really someone who’s easy to get over with.

2.    Find time to pamper yourself. Yes, instead of wallowing in self pity, do something positive like getting a new haircut or going for a massage. Get out and have fun with friends. If you prefer to do things on your own and would rather enjoy periods of solitude, do it outdoors rather than be cooped up inside your room all day.  Go to the museum or the library. Go to the park and take along your favorite book. Watch a play or go window shopping all afternoon. Do anything that will get you out of the house. If you do not try and get out, you may end up lonely and depressed and may always feel the temptation to call him or send him text messages even in the middle of the night.

3.    After some period of introspection and you are really sure that you’re ready to get your ex back into your life, you can call him briefly or send him a text message and ask to meet him for coffee.  You should then give the impression that you are ready to see him as a friend and that you are starting to enjoy your newfound independence.

That will really get him thinking how come you don’t seem to miss him as much as he missed you.  It’s the best piece of advice if you really want to get your ex back in your life – work on your self image, don’t appear desperate for his love again and act like everything’s cool.

You’ll find out that sooner or later, he can’t resist hooking up with you again – most guys can’t accept the fact that they are just that easy to forget!

Get Your Boyfriend Back in 30 Days? Why not?

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Going through a breakup is one of the most difficult experiences a woman can go through.  You feel torn apart between hating your ex and wanting him back.  There will be times when you feel you’re in a muddle of confusion, and you can not go over feelings of being abandoned, being used and the hardest part of all, being thrown away like a used rag.

Yet in spite of all these emotions, you may still think about ways to get your boyfriend back. And don’t you just wish there’s a miracle how-to guide that can make you get your boyfriend back in say 30 days or less? It’s almost like trying to learn a foreign language. The fastest learners of a foreign language are those who are forced to learn it because it is basic to their survival.  So I’m telling you now that if you want to get your boyfriend back in 30 days, you would really have to look at that as something vital to your survival.   Now ask yourself – do you really want to commit the next 30 days of your life in trying to get your boyfriend back?  Do you really need him in your life that badly?  Can’t you survive without him?

One thing that will help you sort out the clutter in your mind is to stay away from him, at least for a while, understand how you really feel toward him, and what will your next steps be? Consider the possibility that he is now part of your past and he will not be a part of your future anymore. At the same time, examine your heart if there is still a strong desire to try to get your boyfriend back.

Give him space and after a while, you can call him up or send him a short text message just asking how he is.  Don’t even give the impression that you miss him so much that’s why you are calling.  Just tell him that you were just thinking about him and leave it at that.  After a few more days, you can give him another call and maybe ask to see him for coffee.  If he goes for it, make it a brief meeting, just to let him know that you are now ready to welcome him as a friend and again, leave it at that.

The key here is to leave him hints that you are considering giving the relationship another try. If he picks up the hints, and meet you halfway, then you’re all set to go.  If not and you have to do all the work yourself, be patient and work harder on your strategy.  Keep leaving hints that you are still thinking of him, but do it in subtle ways, just enough to get him intrigued and wanting for more attention from you.

If there was never any love in his heart in the first place, then your efforts to get your boyfriend back may not be that successful in the end.  But if nothing else works, then that may be a sign that your ex is not really meant for you. In that case, look at your life with open eyes and consider other options. Move on, enjoy your life and remember that life can not be postponed indefinitely.

Simple Ways to Get Ex Back

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Every breakup leaves behind a trail of pain and it takes a strong heart to overcome the feelings of loneliness and despair that come with it. Usually, a period of introspection follows most breakups when you are sometimes forced to look back and analyze what caused the relationship to tumble down. In such periods of soul searching, it is common to have that desire to get ex back into your life.

Are you running out of ways to get your ex back? Here are simple suggestions which might help:

1. Try to avoid seeing your ex-girlfriend while you’re still hurting.

Never show up in her doorstep drunk – that’s the worst thing you can do! You may think that getting drunk will give you the guts to come up to her and try to get her back. Well, you’re wrong! Seeing you intoxicated can only make her feel any of these emotions – disgust, anger, hurt, pity and maybe a little guilt. All these negative emotions can not help you get your ex back.

Don’t make the same mistake other men do. After the breakup, don’t let your ex girlfriend see the worst side of you because that will surely drive her further away.

2. Try the power of auto-suggestion.

Get your mind focused on one goal – get ex back. Keep telling yourself that it is not impossible to reconcile with your girlfriend. You will notice that if your mind is focused on a goal, your energies will also be focused on making that goal possible.

Picture your ex girlfriend back in your arms again and hold that image in your mind constantly. That visual image will reinforce your desire and it will direct you to reach your goal. Reaffirm your goal by thinking of positive thoughts. Keep telling yourself that it is not impossible to get ex back in your life again.

3. Come up with a strategy.

In the same way that you laid out a plan the first time you asked your girlfriend for a date, come up with a strategy now to get ex back. Not to the point of stalking her, though, because that will just make her close all doors on you.

Give her a good reason why she might want to get back together with you. Think of the things she used to like about you, before you screwed everything up. Maybe what caused the breakup was she couldn’t see where the relationship is going? Perhaps it’s time to reexamine your plans and check if you are ready to be more committed to the relationship.

These suggestions are quite simple, but the bottom line there is how serious are you to get your ex back. And when you do get your ex back, will you make it work this time?

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Make Your Ex Come Back to a More Confident You

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When you’ve just gone through a painful breakup or a divorce, it’s just natural for you to feel anger towards your ex or towards yourself. You may end up bitter and constantly analyzing who is to blame for the separation.  At the same time, you are torn between your anger and feelings of wanting to make your ex come back to you.

Sometimes these emotions of pain, anger, misery and confusion just paralyze you and you are unable to go through your day without crying. You may find it hard to even leave your bedroom or your house a few days (sometimes weeks) after the breakup. You would stare on the phone for hours, waiting for it to ring, hoping that it’s his voice at the other end of the line. Well, he does call one day, but it’s only to let you know he’s picking up the rest of his things!

And you feel your heart being torn apart into small pieces and then trampled on. But face it, it’s not just your heart that is hurting here. So are your self esteem and pride. You can’t believe that he would dump you for someone less pretty, less smart than you. You can’t even imagine what he sees with the girl he’s dating right now. And at the back of your mind, you want to believe that he’s just out dating to make you feel jealous. Oh yeah, right!

You have two choices – you can wallow in self pity and spend the rest of your life aching for “the man that got away”. Or you can step out of your room, look around you and see how wonderful it is that you are given this chance to reflect on what went wrong. Step out of your blues. Get out there and meet your best friend for coffee and if you really strongly desire it – plan your strategy to make your ex come back.

Focus on gaining back your confidence and do a little soul searching.  Ask yourself what your next step will be – will you try and mend your broken heart by moving on, or would you try to make your ex come back to you?

You alone can make that decision.  But whether or not you decide to make your ex come back, work on your self-esteem and gain that confidence again.  Find ways to restore the woman he first fell in love with but somehow got buried in all of life’s daily demands.  Get out and make new friends, watch movies or concerts with friends, read more books, love yourself more.

You maybe surprised that the next time he sees you, you don’t even have to try too hard to catch his attention.  He’ll wonder if you have a new love in your life who is making the best of you come out. He’ll even be more surprised to know that you just did all these changes because you learned to love yourself more.

Without even really trying, you can make your ex come back to you with your newfound confidence.  Try it and be on for a surprise!

Still Head over Heels in Love? 5 Strategies To Win Ex Back

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Are you trying all the strategies you’ve heard of or read about on how to win ex back and nothing seems to be working?

You’ve tried begging, had swallowed your pride and apologized a hundred times. You’ve even gone as far as stalk him just to find out if he’s back in the dating scene already. Of course none of these will work! You’ll never even be close to win ex back with the techniques you’re using? Why? Because they just make you look desperate, selfish and maybe downright crazy to your ex.

The ones who succeeded to win ex back will tell you that a woman who looks too desperate raises some red flags in a man’s mind. What you would be better off doing is to use some unexpected strategies to win ex back.

1.    So if you keep showing up in the bar where he hangs around with his friends, that really shows him that you’re not cool about the breakup and he will either feel guilty or pity for you. Worse, he may feel stronger and more negative emotions like disgust and anger, every time you try and connect with him, either by being in places he frequents, by calling him or sending him text messages.

If you accidentally bump into him in a bar, just say hello to him, but do not even go to his table and ask to be invited for drinks. Not only will you make him and his friends uncomfortable, he may even be worried that you’ll embarrass him in front of his friends (or date).  Instead, you can offer to just leave the room so that it will no longer be awkward for everyone.

2.    If you ever feel the desire to talk to him on the phone, you can do that maybe about a week or two after the breakup. Make it brief though and try not to be emotional about it. Let him know you’re thinking about him and that you’re ready to look at him in a different light – as a good friend.

Keep your cool and you’ll leave him wondering if you really are moving on, or if there’s a new man in your life.

3.    You can also send him a casual hello by email. Don’t overdo it, though, just enough to get him curious on what’s happening in your life lately, now that he’s no longer in it.

He’ll be intrigued every time he sees you or hears from you.  He’ll soon remember how good the times you spent together were. He’ll start wondering if you really are good even without him.  For all you know, he might start to feel miserable thinking you are handling the separation quite well.

Give it a few more time and you’ll easily win your ex back.

Got Dumped – Should You Try to Get Your Ex Back?

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It’s never easy trying to survive a breakup. The pain of being separated from the person you love can be very overwhelming. This pain can make you either wallow in self pity or feel so much anger towards your ex or even towards yourself. These are normal emotions that one can experience after an unsuccessful love relationship. If you confront these emotions and learn to understand your pain, you will be on your road to healing. Do not let this pain and the negative emotions that go with it dictate how your days will go. Instead, recognize that the pain is there, but given time, it will not hurt as much as it did the first day your ex said it was over.

Your goal should be to regain your composure and your self esteem after the break up. Oftentimes, a break up creates feelings of rejection, which can affect the way you look at yourself. Especially if the relationship lasted for years, it becomes difficult to accept that the one with whom you invested so much emotions in has suddenly dumped you.

Keep telling yourself that being dumped is not the end of the world. Turn the table to your advantage by looking at this period as a time for self-reflection and for telling yourself that you are worth loving.

On your road to recovery, there may be times when you’ll find yourself asking, “Should I try and get my ex back?” You alone can answer that question. It will do you some good though to keep your distance from your ex right after the break up. Giving yourself time and space to understand the situation better will make you see things more logically.

Should you decide to give the relationship another try, it should come from a gut feeling that a reconciliation with your ex is what you deserve. Be prepared for the worst, though. You maybe wanting to get back with your ex, but your ex may not feel the same way.

When you’re ready to give it your best shot, find creative ways to win your ex back. Doing unexpected things like giving your ex a call after a long period of no contact can be effective, but do it in a way that it will not sound as if you’re too eager to get back together again. Drop some hints that you’re in the neighborhood on a particular day and you’ll be pleased to have coffee with him. If he expresses interest, then it may be a good sign that he welcomes the idea of reconciliation.

There are no fixed rules on how to get back your ex. Every relationship is unique and dynamic. What is important is to be true to yourself and to your loved one. If things are not happening as you want them to, then consider the possibility that the relationship is really doomed to end.